Edge of the Sword


I want to wrap

my heart in a map

until all the rivers and highways flow into my veins

and I fall asleep on the rooftops of slow moving trains.

I don’t mind the rain.


I want to see

just who I can be.

I want to leave skin on the clifftops and cold mountain peaks.

I want to wade three hundred miles along rock bottom creeks.

You kiss my cheek.


Will you ride with me into a Texas storm?

Can we swim to that island?

It’s where I find myself, and where I find my Lord.

Will I find you there, on the edge of the sword?


I want to drive

like I am alive.

I want to whip sideways at sixty between evergreens.

I want to push barriers and boundaries that we’ve never seen.

Are you with me?



There’s so much of Him to discover.  I’d rather have you by my side.

I was listening to alot of John Mark McMillan when I wrote that.  If I could sing or write music like him, I might record it.

between evergreens...

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2 Responses to Edge of the Sword

  1. Tomorrow, I’m gonna write music and melody with this. Hope you don’t mind

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