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Details Drive it Home

I have gushed ad nauseam about the unprecedented genius of the best Spider-Man movie, Into the Spider-verse. But since it just arrived on Netflix (necessitating a rewatch, of course), I thought I’d point out one of the many (so many) things … Continue reading

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God-Zilla: The Outside Help

The following contains possible spoilers for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. If you wish to skip to a spoiler-free review, scroll down below the line.

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How Far Will He Go? How Long Will I Care?

Speculative fiction TV is a bit of a wasteland these days, isn’t it? Every once in a while you’ll find the odd gem, but the average show has a flashing neon sign over the door that reads “Action!” Then, once … Continue reading

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Dear Marvel, Thanks for Understanding

Avengers Endgame is on track to become the highest grossing film of all time. With the spoiler embargo lifted, I want to take a moment to gush about this unprecedented event and the wider wonder of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. … Continue reading

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Why Mission: Impossible Still Works

Summer, 1996.  I was twelve, I’d just won the last battles of elementary school, and my dad, a long-time fan of the TV series, took me to see the big-screen adaptation of Mission: Impossible.  

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Scratching and Success: Realm Makers 2018

I had the barbell about sixty percent of the way up when I heard God speak to me.  Now, I’d set up a convenient appointment earlier that day to hear from God, but He chose to wait until I was … Continue reading

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Marvel Cars, Ranked

Here’s a fun piece I wrote for “work.”

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