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Hitting the Wall

I’d like to advertise this as a post about how to evade the salted talons of writers’ block, but since I don’t have the answer yet, I’ll just have to let you know. Advertisements

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2013 is Over

The Christmas story is done.  I’ve sent out all the postcards (save for the one in the pocket of the blazer I forgot to wear to church last week), I’ve fixed up the .pdf, and I’ve done all the hoping … Continue reading

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Skellan and Boxter and the Christmas Troll

Merry Christmas, everyone! I won’t turn this into a New Year’s post and talk about all the things I did in 2013, except one: I wrote a new Christmas story.  It was a bit of a challenge, as I wanted … Continue reading

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The Welds Will Hold

Your hands sink into the very foam of the wheel.  You want to claw your fingers into the willing life, to embrace it, to crush it against you.  Your eyes would clamp shut from the shudder if you didn’t need … Continue reading

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Dore’s Clouds

Recently I’ve been admiring the work of French artist Gustave Dore (1832-1883).  He worked mostly in woodcuts, which means he was limited to just a pair of colors, yet he was able to convey such scope, such a distant horizon … Continue reading

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Edge of the Sword

v1 I want to wrap my heart in a map until all the rivers and highways flow into my veins and I fall asleep on the rooftops of slow moving trains. I don’t mind the rain. v2. I want to … Continue reading

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My Biggest Gig Yet

You can read two of my recent articles over at  The blog is still a little barebones, but I’m grateful for the exposure.  Visit often.

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